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Mid-Winter Body Boosts From Juice Press

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Feb 09, 2016
Mid-Winter Body Boosts From Juice Press

Winter blahs get kicked in the pants with travel essentials from Juice Press.

There’s no getting around it. We are in “deep winter.” Yet there’s no need to acquiesce to gloom. There are smart, sunny health solutions we can employ to easily counteract the cumulative effect of weird weather patterns, blizzards, early sunsets, raw noses, and those clothing layers we once found inspiring that have devolved to sheer, random utility. If you’re in New York City, the Hamptons, (coming soon to the Boston area) or by your computer (like now), get thee to Juice Press and juicepress.com.

We’ve long been in love with the USDA-organic cold-pressed juices of this Manhattan-born juice brand. Seriously, they get juicing, cleanses, vegan foods, and superfood smoothies right. They also are our first stop when we feel an illness coming on, or if we are headed out of town.

Juice Press

OK, our first “must”? Proviotic’s totally revolutionary vegan probiotic travel packets (10 doses, $15) — an on-the-go supply of these super-effective capsules that maintain immune health. (Juice Press is the first to offer this top-notch product.) One of Oprah’s highest-ranking, body-loving moves, Proviotic comes from European snow flower leaves and is grown in fresh veggie juice, allowing for all its “good bacteria” to reintroduce itself to your gut biome and outpace illness-causing “bad bacteria.” When the germs of February and March get churning, we need that gut working in primo condition!

Juice Press

And the next “must’? (These are truly key…) Ginger Fireball Suckers (30 suckers, $11.99). Anyone who has sucked back a Ginger Fireball juice from one of Juice Press’s outposts knows that they will kick your colds in the face. They may make your eyes water — because Juice Press knows you can take a no-joke dose of ginger and acerola fruit. These sugar-free vitamin C drops have more than 400 % of your daily recommended vitamin C and twice the ginger of one of their in-store beverages. You’ll feel the health burn right through you.

With those in hand, it’s time to plan a nice getaway — ideally to a warmer location. It will do your body good. (Get some good skeeter repellent, of course.) Perhaps Rosewood’s Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda in the U.S.V.I.’s? Surfing in Nicaragua, maybe? Got money and time to travel? By all means, go with the InterContinental Wellington in New Zealand. Not up for a flight? Hop in your car and drive south… Do a bit of “great American diner” hopping. Or maybe head to the Southwest USA for a little drying out in the desert?

Whatever you do, stay healthy, will ya?

Cover Photo Credit: Juice Press- Instagram