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Dr. Michael Newman’s “Forever Breast”: A Revolutionary Alternative to Implants

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Jan 15, 2021
Dr. Michael Newman’s “Forever Breast”: A Revolutionary Alternative to Implants

Since its invention in the early 1960s, implant surgery has been the standard method of breast augmentation and reconstruction. However, as cases of associated illnesses and complications stemming from breast implants have increasingly been reported, the popularity of a previously little known alternative is growing. A leading Southern California cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Newman is one of only a few hundred plastic surgeons specializing in the fat transfer procedure, in which fat is removed from other areas of the body by liposuction and transferred to the breast. 

Dr. Michael Newman and Anne Heche on the red carpet at the Kiss the Stars Breast Cancer Awareness Cocktail Hour Benefitting Rhonda’s Kiss

At his Beverly Hills office, Dr. Newman provides the “Forever Breast” fat transfer surgery to patients seeking augmentation or reconstruction, as well as a variety of other cosmetic procedures. Many patients are unaware of the many benefits that fat transfer offers as opposed to implant surgery. “When we are talking about the advantages compared to implants, one is that it lasts forever which is why we call it the “Forever Breast,” Dr. Newman tells New You. “Unlike implants, it never has to be replaced, monitored or maintained. It is completely natural since it’s your own tissue. It feels soft just like breast tissue because the tissue is about half ductal tissue and half fatty tissue. It’s just adding more of what already exists in the breast so there is nothing more natural feeling.”

Dr. Newman notes that fat transfer is ideal for those seeking a more moderate change in size rather than a large increase in volume. “One other huge benefit is recovery time,” he explained. “For breast augmentation with implants, the typical recovery time is up to a month without exercise since we usually put the implant under the muscle. However, with breast augmentation through fat transfer, we inject the fat in through very tiny incisions in the breast and it goes on top of the muscle. The recovery time is only a couple of days so people can get back to exercise quickly. There is also almost no scarring, which is another huge advantage.”

Many of Dr. Newman’s patients are cancer patients who undergo the “Forever Breast Reconstruction” following mastectomies or lumpectomies. With the “Forever Breast Reconstruction,” the fat transfer process is different than with augmentation, requiring a surgery referred to as DIEP flap breast reconstruction. “With breast reconstruction, we have to take a block of tissue, almost like a brick or a square or a triangle typically from the stomach but we can take it from the thighs or elsewhere,” Dr. Newman said. “We take that entire block of tissue with blood vessels and connect it to blood vessels in the chest. Therefore, fat transfer reconstruction requires more surgery, causes more scarring and results in a longer recovery than augmentation. But it’s still the same concept in that it’s your own tissue, it feels natural and it lasts forever.”     

Perhaps the single most advantageous aspect of the fat transfer procedure is that it combines the removal of unwanted fat from other areas of the body with breast augmentation. For example, with fat transfer, a patient can achieve a tummy tuck combined with breast augmentation during the same surgery. As Dr. Newman explained, “It’s kind of like getting a two for one deal and you come out looking amazing!”

For Dr. Newman, the most rewarding part of his work is being able to transform his patients’ lives for the better. “Breast cancer patients are so appreciative. It’s the same with new moms who have gone through these changes to their bodies during pregnancy that they have no control over,” he said. “They are really giving up their bodies and their lifestyles to improve the next generation and it’s an incredible sacrifice.”

He continued, “Another group is people who are born with some kind of deficiency or issue that they are self-conscious about. Oftentimes in this kind of arena, it’s women who are born with very small breasts and they are ridiculed by friends and had awkward moments in high school. Being able to do the “Forever Breast” for them just lights them up, makes their whole personality change and makes them more confident in the clothes they wear, the places they go and the people they are around.”

Dr. Newman’s compassion and care for his patients compelled him to get involved with charitable organizations supporting breast cancer survivors. One of those charities, Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever, was started by a former patient who had breast reconstruction and realized that there wasn’t enough support for patients going through breast cancer, not only for the patients but also for their families as well.  Dr Newman explained, “Through fundraising for Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever, we are able to take money that’s been donated and give it to uninsured or underinsured people who are going through breast cancer treatment to help fund procedures and costs for surgeries and  hospitalizations.”

Another charity that Dr. Newman supports is Rhonda’s Kiss, a foundation that financially helps patients who are going through cancers of any kind. “Rhonda’s Kiss is kind of a nice complement to Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever,” Dr Newman said.  “But it helps them specifically in a way that is aside from the medical costs so it’s for other kinds of costs associated with cancer treatment. Maybe they need money for a taxi to get to an appointment or they need food delivered because they don’t have any money to buy food or they are afraid of going to the grocery store because they are going through chemotherapy and they are immune-compromised.”

“People go through enough stress in their everyday lives, but imagine having the added stress of not knowing whether you are going to live?” He asked. “Also, you don’t have any energy so you can’t go pick up groceries or run errands. I’m excited to be working with them and possibly organizing a collaboration between those two charities since they have such great motivations to make a difference for people who are going through these challenges.”

For more information on Dr. Newman and the “Forever Breast,” please visit www.drnewmanbeverlyhills.com.