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Hair Cocktail

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 14, 2014

New You Beauty Tip: Utilize leftover alcohol to beautify your hair.

If your hair is looking dull, add a shot of vodka to your conditioner. This unconventional treatment works by lowering your hair’s pH, reducing frizz, and adding shine. For dry brittle hair, try the centuries old trick women have used to achieve soft tresses: beer. As beer and vodka boost the hair’s natural health, champagne works to brighten your natural highlights.

How to Beer: Pour your leftover beer over your head at the end of a shower and let it sit for three minutes. Then rinse it out with cold water to avoid the stench. Click here for full instructions on how to use beer as hair moisturizer.

New Year’s Rinse: Mix champagne with hot water, and apply evenly throughout your hair. Leave in while getting ready for your night on the town. Rinse out, and style.