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Inside A Bigger Splash NY Screening

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Apr 22, 2016
Inside A Bigger Splash NY Screening

Last night, Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes attended the screening of their latest film, A Bigger Splash. This psychological thriller is about a rock star, Marianne Lane, and her filmmaker boyfriend, Paul, who are vacationing on a Sicilian Island. The two are having a great time until they were disrupted by an unexpected visitor, Marianne’s ex and Paul’s old friend, Harry (played by Ralph Fiennes). Harry brings along his daughter (played by Dakota Johnson) he just find out he had and tries to win Marianne back.


We can see where this movie is going… and we like it. New You chatted with the stars at the screening and they gave us some insight into the movie.



Tilda Swinton’s character does not speak for some of the movie due to throat surgery she just had.



Ralph Fiennes said he’s always admired Tilda but hasn’t been this involved with her in a film until now.



Director Luca Guadagnino spoke about making a movie about desire and how dear it is to him. He also spoke about working with Tilda Swinton.



Screenwriter David Kajganich said his favorite scenes are the ones when no one is speaking because it’s rare to get to write a scene of people being quiet.




A Bigger Splash is splashing onto screens May 4th.



Photo Credit: Film Music Reporter