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Purple Pain

By Janette Daher
Posted On Apr 22, 2016
Purple Pain

WOW…. 2016 has been a rough year in music and it’s only April.  My iTunes collection is resembling a cemetery more and more each day!


Prince was definitely a one of a kind… in music, persona, and let’s not forget style.  Very few artists are capable of writing, recording, and producing their own records on their own, but he was and he did at an unprecedented level.  He stood up to his record label when they tried to control his art, and fought to keep control. which most likely ended up being a financial loss, but valuable in principle.  He also was very generous in mentoring new artists, female artists in particular, in genres that have not always been kind or open to them.  Many consider the Purple One controlling and egocentric, and maybe he was to some extent, but he was also gracious.  His Superbowl performance (in a major downpour) contained covers of many of his faves from other artists like. Tina, Hendrix, and the Foo Fighters, as well as his own music.  Prince’s gift was his ability to take a nod from the past a la James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, etc., twist it into the now, and make it sound like something you have never heard before, and probably never will again.  Rest in peace Purple One; I hope you are laughing it up and rocking that swagger in the Purple Rain.