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5 Tips For Sleeping Bed Sharing

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 31, 2016
5 Tips For Sleeping Bed Sharing

5 Tips For Bed Sharing

Sleep is everything, but as countless studies along with their ominous headlines warn us, no one is getting enough of it. Despite knowing the things we’re supposed to be doing to get better sleep, we’re all too busy, too stressed, and too-staring-at-our-phones to get a good night’s sleep every night.

Sleep deprivation is a real problem, and for most of us, aside from the normal work-filled days, the problem is sleeping right next to us. Sharing a bed with someone is a major challenge for everyone except the heaviest sleeper. Though cuddling may be a plus for those who long for security, there’s also snoring, blanket fighting, and unforeseeable earthquakes every hour because your partner drank too much water that day.


If you struggle with bed sharing, here are five tips you may find helpful.


It’s nearly impossible to sleep next to a grizzly bear! Earplugs are uncomfortable and shaking the bed to wake them up becomes annoying. So if you sleep with a snorer, a sleep-talker, or both, try drowning out your partner’s noise by encasing your head with a mountain of pillows. The paddings muffle the sound and make for a pretty cozy helmet.

Proximity Problems


Often times, couples are in different spaces on the cuddle spectrum. Some people love to snuggle and need that expression of intimacy while others feel smothered and need space to snooze peacefully. It can be particularly hard for non-snugglers to fall asleep while spooning. Therefore, it is important for couples to find balance without one feeling pushed away. Instead of compromising your Zzzs, meet in the middle and cuddle for a bit, then roll over to your side of the bed. Lean over and let your cuddle buddy know that as much as you love being in the silverware position, you’re having a hard time falling asleep. As long as you whisper the magic word, “goodnight,” I’m sure they’ll understand.


Some people can only sleep with the room as dark as a dungeon while others have yet to outgrow their nightlights. (Yes, even at the break of 30-years-old). If you demand cave-like conditions, get yourself a silk sleep-mask for a night of bedtime bliss. Or, using low-wattage lamps with yellow or orange lighting can keep the room lit without disrupting your slumber.


You like to keep the room’s temperature igloo-like so you can snuggle, and he likes it pleasantly warm so he can sleep shirtless. Rule of thumb: Compromise. Set the thermostat at a temperature you both find comfortable.

Cover Hog


No matter how much you love your partner, sleeping in your own bed is a lot easier. But we’re no longer in the 50s, and couples just don’t do the whole separate beds thing anymore. So, if you find yourself fighting for the comforter throughout the night and constantly losing the battle, shiver no longer by simply getting your own blanket. Easy!

Remember, it’s your bed, too!