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And The New Fat Goes…Elsewhere!

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 10, 2011

If you’ve had liposuction, and you end up regaining the weight, a natural question is: Where will the new fat go? To other parts of the body where the fat cells were not liposuctioned away, of course! While this seems obvious, it required a recently released study by the University of Colorado to confirm it. In a study published in the research journal Obesity, U of C Drs. Teri Hernandez and Robert Eckel reported that women who underwent liposuction regained their fat in different places. For those who had their thighs suctioned, for example, the new fat “was redistributed upstairs,” said Dr. Eckel. Any doctor who practices liposuction on a regular basis can tell you this, of course. And needless to say, just because you’ve had liposuction, it doesn’t mean you won’t regain the weight. Some researchers now believe that the body will replace any fat cells that get removed, for example. So enjoy the slimming effect of liposuction while it lasts, and don’t go back to your old weight-gaining diet!