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Bend With the Trends

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Oct 11, 2016
Bend With the Trends

If your body has plateaued at the gym, leap to the next level with innovative group instruction and effective new gear.  

Grade-A Group Fitness

Need new inspiration to break a sweat? Here’s two fun, powerful group exercise concepts that have been taking the nation by storm.

  •  Orangetheory Fitness Sunny Orangetheory storefronts have sprouted across the nation. Through heart rate-monitored interval training (combos of rowing, treadmills, and weight and resistance work), you burn calories hours after you’re done. Thanks to positive trainers and big community spirit, Orangetheory can color us satisfied. Visit orangetheoryfitness.com.
  • Pound If the toned bodies that emerge from the average Pound class aren’t testimonial enough to get on board with this “cardio jam session,” here are the details. In 45 minutes, you burn between 400 and 900 calories, thanks to a fusion of cardio, Pilates, isometric moves, plyometrics, and isometric poses. You keep constant upper body motion with Ripstix (lightly-weighted drumsticks) and stay in sync with fun music. It targets your core in ways you’d never imagine and brings soul back into your fitness routine. There are even online classes (through a “Rockout Results System”) and DVDs, to carve up at home, too. Visit poundfit.com.

Chest to Impress

One piece of equipment that will always remain top of mind—meaning it’s effective, simple-enough, and fun to use—is the Iron Chest Master ($120, ironchestmaster.com), an invention from seven-time Mister Natural Universe Ron Williams. It combines the beneficial properties of six top chest exercises—bench press, cable crossovers, dumbbell flies, and the like—into one machine. You get engagement at a full range of motion, and resistance courtesy of six “Iron Power Contractors” (built-in shocks that helps to intensify your shred). Williams insists you can potentially lose four inches from your waist and gain four inches at the chest. We like those numbers.

Danny’s the Man

When superstar trainer and former boxing champ Danny Musico talks, we listen up!

Musico’s Top Fit Picks:

  • Waiakea Water: “It comes from a Hawaiian well, and is funneled through volcanic rocks for purity.”
  • Sweet Sweat: “A cream that increases circulation and sweat production in problem areas. “You apply it a problem area and it increases sweat there, shrinking the area.”
  • Celsius: “The safest pick-me-up on the market. There’s no aspartame. I use this with the guys from Entourage.”
  • All-American EFX Kre-Alkalyn: “This is top-of-the-line in terms of gaining strength and muscle mass.”
  • Promixx: “Whether you’re at home or on the run and need to mix your daily supplements, this battery-operated [or plug-in] mixer has awesome mixing strength and is great for travel.”
  • Hylete athletic apparel: “This is workout gear for serious athletes.”
  • Devotion Vodka: “It’s the only American-made, no-sugar, gluten-free, and low-calorie vodka. Summer’s here, when most of us consume the greatest amounts of alcohol. Why not try to drink smart this year and cut out all the extra sugar and calories?”