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Boost Your Morale

By Angela Arsenault
Posted On Jan 14, 2014

By: Andrew C. Stone

A number of athletics companies have tapped into the minds and bodies of modern fitness enthusiasts, offering 24-hour monitoring of exertion and rest via an understated bracelet. Now, fitness giant Bowflex takes the concept to the next level with the Bowflex Boost (bowflexboost.com), its sleek rubber bangle that works in tandem with Bluetooth Smart technology for wireless syncing of your vital stats to the free Bowflex Boost mobile app (for iPhone and newer-model Android phones). Priced at $49.95, this system keeps track of burned calories, sleep quality, steps taken, miles covered, and offers you inspiration and insight that will prod you along toward your goals. With this savvy trainer strapped to your wrist, those health goals will feel more tangible, attainable, and transcend-able than ever before.