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Build Endurance

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 07, 2013

New You Health Tip: Alternate between walking and running to gradually build endurance.



Do you find body gasping for breath before your mind is ready to give up on that sport, game, or flight of stairs? You are like many people who wish they could “just keep going.” Well, according to the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, building stamina is not a matter of a running until your heart explodes from your chest: It is about dividing your time between spurts of walking and running to save energy. ┬áStart out by walking to warm up your muscles, move on to a light jog for three minutes, and then walk again for two minutes. Repeat this process throughout the duration of your workout. Over time, increase your running interval and decrease your walking interval. Are you looking for instant results and gratification? Look elsewhere, because developing endurance is a long-term investment in your well-being that is well worth the time!


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