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5 Creative Date Ideas

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 13, 2014

When the typical dinner and movie outing gets old it might be tempting to turn “date night” into “couch night,” but that is a mistake.  It’s crucial to set aside time for your significant other regularly and engage in some sort of outing in order to maintain a fun, healthy relationship. Here we suggest five fun “first dates” to change up your routine and help improve your relationship.


couple dance lessons

Couple Dance Lessons:

Guaranteed to have endless laughs, this unique date is also the perfect opportunity to finally master the tango, salsa, or waltz. The atmosphere is social and friendly, and the physical contact is sure to set the chemistry on fire. You may also be surprised to find you have a hidden talent.
cooking class date

Cooking Class Date:

Spice up your relationship by learning how to make new, exciting dishes together. This shared experience is certainly different, and the delicious food is an additional bonus. Plus, you can take your newfound expertise home with you!


progressive dinner ideas
Progressive Dinner Ideas:

Go beyond your ordinary dinner date and try a progressive dinner, where you eat appetizers, entrees, and desserts at different places. This adventurous change will spark new conversations and allow you to indulge in many of your favorite foods together.


exercise for couples

Exercise Together:

Breaking a sweat together is sure to boost your mood from the release of endorphins and help rev up your sex drive. Plus, this date is good for your physical health. Take advantage of the outdoors by going on a hike or a walk on the beach, take a yoga class, or even try rock climbing.


one night stay

Plan a One-Night-Stay Away:

Find the time to free yourselves from all distractions so you can spend quality time with your partner. Spontaneity is good for you, and the uninterrupted night will allow romance to come naturally.