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Creative Ways to Beat Insomnia

By Lauren Ford
Posted On May 24, 2016
Creative Ways to Beat Insomnia

Are you exhausted during your 9-5 but restless when you finally cuddle up into bed at night? We’ve all been there. When you finally rest your head on your beloved pillow but then a flood of tomorrow’s responsibilities comes creeping into your mind. You’ve tried Melatonin, you’ve tried cutting out caffeine and alcohol, you’ve even resorted to counting sheep, but nothing seems to help.


New You has found three ways to help curb that dreaded sleeplessness like a true creative.

Journal Before Bed


One of the number one reasons people can’t fall asleep is because their minds are racing with thoughts- thoughts of what happened during the day and thoughts of what is to come tomorrow. If you spend a few minutes writing in a journal before bed, you will be giving your thoughts an outlet. They will magically go from your mind to your journal. Writing has been proven to curb anxiety and release stress. Sometimes you won’t even know why certain things are bothering you- but when you pick up a pen and write them out, you can get to the real root of the problem. Once that happens, you will have significantly less thoughts to keep you up at night.



Half of the battle of falling asleep is calming your mind. Here is where meditation comes in. If you are a pro meditator, you can do this on your own, but if you need a little help slowing down your thoughts, you can use a guided meditation. Distracting your mind with meditation provides something relaxing and calming to focus on as you drift off into dreamland. Try to find something longer than 15 minutes so that you have plenty of time to fall asleep completely.

Change Your Mindset


The most important element to overcoming insomnia is shifting your mindset. The worst thing you can do is lay there and think “I have 6 hours to sleep if I fall asleep right now.” Instead of dreading the looming hours of the night you need to strengthen your resolve and view bedtime as something to look forward to rather than to fear.  You have to truly let go of the anxiety caused by having anxiety at bedtime.

If you ask a normal sleeper how they fall asleep, they say that they do absolutely nothing. The trick here lies in the ability to let go- of course, you are not going to sleep when you are doing 500 things in order to fall asleep. So take the creative approach and turn inward to solve your insomniatic tendencies. Sleep tight!