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Save Your Sight with Lutein

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 02, 2013

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Protect yours eye from future vision loss by eating Lutein and Zeaxanthin-infused foods. (Best Sources: cooked kale, spinach, collards and turnip greens.

The leading cause of blindness in people over 65 is age-related macular degeneration or AMD, but by changing the foods you eat now, you may save your eyesight. Current research in the Nutrition and Metabolism journal shows that a high dietary intake of two antioxidant carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin – can prevent AMD. In 2013 the National Eye institute will publish the updated results of the second Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS2), which tests the effect of 10mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin daily on those with moderate risk and advanced vision degeneration. These carotenoids are high in vitamin C, E and beta-carotene concentrate in the central part of the retina, and help us identify colors and see fine details. They also protect our eyes by blocking blue light from damaging the retina. So, where to find these two micronutrients? Get your fill via egg yolks, corn, pumpkin, squash, red peppers, Brussels sprouts and leafy greens like collards, turnip greens or spinach. You can also take them as supplements.