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Daily Tip: Add Heat to your Love Life

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 19, 2012

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Add ginger, cayenne and chili peppers to your grocery list to spice up your love life.

Wondering how to light the spark under your relationship again? Fear not, as natural spices may be the answer to your dimming sex life. Cinnamon, Ginger and Cayenne are common food spices that offer a body-warming effect and improved circulation. According to master herbalist Trina Shore Sims, these spices help increase the general juicy-ness of your body while getting the blood flowing. Our skin becomes flush with color and our lips get redder and fuller. We’re infused with blood, just like when we’re aroused. If that isn’t enough, spicy foods provide additional benefits that can enhance overall sexual health. Cayenne improves digestion and prevents stomach bloating after your meal, helping you to look and feel your sexiest.