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Dark Chocolate vs. White Chocolate

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 24, 2011

Chocolate. It’s beloved throughout the world. But did you know it helps improve your eye and brain function? According to a published study in the scientific journal Physiology and Behavior, researchers found that eating cocoa flavanols (CF), antioxidants found in cocoa beans, helped young adults improve in vision and cognitive tests. The trial had 30 patients 18-to-25 years old who consumed both dark and white chocolate in separate testing sessions for comparison. In one testing session, the patients consumed 35 grams of dark chocolate, which contained 773 milligrams of cocoa flavanols. A week later they tested the patients using 35 grams of white chocolate, which has only trace amounts of cocoa flavanols (white chocolate is actually cocoa butter with sugar and milk). The team reported that cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate significantly improved visual contrast sensitivity as well as working memory and reaction time. Since this trial tested young adults, the researchers will soon conduct another trial on older adults.


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