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Drill Alert

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 03, 2015


This is not a drill; it’s a high intense, result driven fitness studio in New York City. Drill Fitness (drillfitness.com) offers heart pumping, full body exercise classes; a heart rate monitor is attached to measure your performance. The classes, Drill Body and Drill Ride, are boot camp-style, which has become a proven combination of exercises to transform your body. Just 50 minutes of Drill Ride or Body can blast up to 1,000 calories.

Founder, Winston Fisher opened Drill Fitness a couple of months ago after losing 40 pounds and becoming a pescetarian. Here, we chat with Winston to find out more about his calorie-blasting and fun fitness studio.

New You: How did you come up with the Drill Ride?

Winston Fisher: I am somebody who is into intense endurance cycling events and at the same time I love adventure sports and high energy.  I really wanted to create a class that achieved maximum results for getting people into shape, push them to limits, and was fun as hell.  I combined intense cycling with a boot camp drill philosophy and now have the hardest spin class in America.

NY: How is it different from other indoor cycling classes?

WF: Drill utilizes branded drills that are thoughtfully designed to improve your anaerobic, aerobic, and endurance systems.  Utilizing speed and strength drills matched to your heart rate, we are able to achieve maximum results into getting people into shape.  The heart rate monitor provides an invaluable metric system.  As we say, the heart rate does not lie.

NY:How does Drill Body differ from a normal strength training class?

WF: Drill Body classes focus on full body compound movements.  In short, we focus on movements that recruit the greatest amount of muscles to perform with little complexity. The more muscle you use, the more calories you burn, the faster to your fitness goals you get. At the core, we believe hard work in a positive environment can change your life.

NY: How do you tailor classes to someone who walks in and hasn’t worked out in a few months or years?

WF: Similar to the way we tailor classes for participants with injuries, options and modifications. Even though we teach in a group setting, at Drill Fitness we pride ourselves in knowing our participants and over the course of the workout we dial in to ensure participants are moving in a safe and effective manner.  We believe that intensity is addictive, but we also know that everyone has a different level of intensity.  We find it and coach to it.