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How Fit Are Your Muscles?

By New You Editorial
Posted On Sep 21, 2015


Skulpt Aim ($200, skulpt.me) skips the calorie and heart-rate tracking of other gizmos. Instead, it measures (through a pain-free pulse) muscle quality and body fat. Hold the device next to your muscles—and results, sent to the Skulpt Aim app, are shown via a whole-body diagram. The strongest muscle groups are revealed—along with those that need more work.

A Smarter Treadmill

Imagine no treadmill speed buttons to press ever again. That’s the dream of Ohio State University’s Steven T. Devor, whose patent-pending design automatically changes treadmill speed to match your pace. “It mimics, in an extraordinarily accurate way, outdoor running and walking,” explains Devor. “The treadmill via sonar—speeds up or slows down according to your pace, keeping you in the center of the belt.” The best part? The speed transitions are so smooth, exercisers aren’t even aware that they’re happening.

NO Cell Service? No Problem!

Adventuring out of cell range or sans Wi-Fi? GoTenna (two for $150, gotenna.com) is a water-resistant device for your cell phone (iOS 7 and Android 4.3 and up) to communicate— off-grid and anywhere in the world— with others who have goTenna.

Safe and Sporty Wrist Wraps

? Bangle Bravery  
Little Viper, weighing 1 ounce, is a water-resistant silicone bracelet—available in hot pink and black—that discretely contains 3 to 6 bursts of self-defense pepper spray ($20, littleviper.com).

? Courage Off the Cuff
Momentum bracelets ($20 each, designsthatmoveyou. com) offer motivational wisdom—when you need it most. With sayings like “Believe in Yourself” and “Strong is the new Beautiful,” these comfy rayon/Spandex wrist wraps are available in a variety of colors.

? Coming Soon 
Sweat more to smell better? Now, the first perfume delivery system to ensure that the more a person sweats, the better they smell has been developed by Belfast researchers. The perfume detects skin moisture; the more moisture, the more perfume aroma is released. Look for products with this invention soon.

Fresh Air Fall allergies stopping you cold? Breathe easy with Virus Zero Portable ($179, viruszero.com). Unlike typical air purifiers, this coffee-cup size unit doesn’t filter out pollen. Rather, its cleansing ions eliminate air contaminants.