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Celeb Trainer Dalton Wong Dishes on Cellulite & Chipotle

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Mar 30, 2016
Celeb Trainer Dalton Wong Dishes on Cellulite & Chipotle

Dalton Wong, celebrity personal trainer to Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried, the Game of Thrones cast, and many more has become a game-changer in the fitness world. Along with starting his own training gym, Twenty Two Training, he can now add author to his ever-expanding list of accomplishments. His health and fitness manifesto, The Feel Good Plan is all about a healthy lifestyle tailored specifically for you. The book answers all your diet and exercise questions in a down-to-earth way and is quite the inspiration to anyone determined to make a profound lifestyle change. I personally started juicing the day I picked up the book. The cherry on top is the foreword, written by the one and only Jennifer Lawrence.

Dalton Wong & Jen Lawrence

New You had the opportunity to chat with the feel good fitness man about his beginnings as a trainer, Jennifer Lawrence’s approach to health and exercise, how to eat what you want and still be healthy, how to really get rid of cellulite and that pesky underarm flab, and last but not least Chipotle! Yes, Dalton Wong personally constructed a burrito for me that will keep me feeling good and looking good, which is really what dreams are made of! We also got his personal go-to green juice recipe, because when it comes to fitness, we all want to know, what would Dalton do?


New You: Growing up, were you always interested in fitness and how did you turn that into a career?

Dalton Wong: My father died of a heart attack while running. Ever since I was 10 years old, my mother has really instilled in me healthy eating habits as well as remaining really active. I wanted to help another father from this happening to their son. The reason why I do this is because it keeps me in good physical shape but also so that I can teach people how to be healthy so that they won’t die of a heart attack when they are 40.


NY: Who was your first celebrity client and how did that come about?

DW: I used to work in an integrated health clinic, where we used to look at people’s necks and backs. One of my first clients I had was Dido. I helped her to do some specific exercises on tour. Another one of my first clients was Hugh Grant. I trained him for a long time.


NY: Your client, Jennifer Lawrence, is known for her big appetite; yet her body is amazing. What is the secret to what I like to call the J. Law phenomenon?  How can we all eat what we love and still look good?

DW: Part of it is having a really balanced approach to food. She’s just very good at managing her lifestyle, managing her stress, managing her eating, and managing her exercise. She’s an Oscar winner in all of those. People say, well what’s the difference between her and everyone else? To be honest, she works really hard. She’s very consistent and diligent with her life. I wish there was a secret.


NY: Because my guilty pleasure is Chipotle, so I’m wondering is chipotle really bad for you?

 DW: Your weakness doesn’t necessarily have to be that bad for you. Okay, so if your weakness is Chipotle, have that, but drop all those other things that are adding up to excess calories that you don’t necessarily need or want. One day you say, okay I’m going to have a salad, and another day you cut your burrito in half and have half another time. That’s how you start breaking down what you really love. Because you are still giving your body something you want, which is the Chipotle beef burrito. That is how you set your mindset to eating better and still giving your body the things you want.

[After explaining what I put in my burrito (steak, brown rice, mild sauce, sour cream, and cheese), Wong tailored a specific burrito plan just for me….]

DW: So this is what you do. One day you’re going to try your burrito with no cheese. If you don’t like that, next time you get the cheese but no sour cream. So then you can start getting your taste buds acquired and save yourself a lot of extra calories by not having cheese or sour cream because right now you’re having both.

Next time when you go, I’d like you to get your steak burrito, mild sauce, cheese, no sour cream, and half the amount of rice and vegetables. You might like the vegetables and then if you get rid of some of the rice you just saved yourself some more calories. This is what The Feel Good Plan is about, it’s changing what you currently eat and making it better.


The Feel Good PlanNY: In your book, The Feel Good Plan, you say to take at least 15 minutes out of your day to do something for your body that makes you feel good. What is the best workout one could do in 15 minutes?  

DW: My answer to that is that you need to pick the exercise program or activity that is going to make your body feel better. If you have lots of energy, then do any type of workout you like, but if you are really stressed out, it’s good to take care of yourself and do invigorating things that make your body feel better rather than worse.

For example, when you are stressed, the best thing for you to do would be to do your 15 minutes of warm up stretches or your 15 minutes of meditation and your cool down stretches. Now, on the other hand, if you wake up in the morning and you have lots of energy, then you can do the high intensity exercise class because your body will benefit from it. So you need to pick the exercise plan that is best suited for your body at that moment in time.


NY: As a physical trainer you spend a lot of time working on the physical body, but what about the mental and spiritual aspects. How important is it for you to emphasize a mind/body/spirit balance?

DW: It is the most important part. That’s why the book is called The Feel Good Plan and not a full book of exercise and diets. If your mind is in a positive or feel-good state, you will make better choices with your diet, your sleeping, your stress management, and your exercise. The physical part just helps accelerate everything.


NY: How does one target and get rid of cellulite? And underarm flab?

DW: Cellulite is just the way that fat sits under your skin. One of the things you need to do is increase your lean muscle mass by doing some form of resistance training. The second point to help reduce cellulite is you need to have some soft tissue treatment. Things like fascial release and lymphatic drainage are excellent ways of helping your body move a lot better and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The third tip is keeping well-hydrated but also making sure you do beauty rituals. I get all my clients to get a loofah brush, it improves circulation topically. So when you eat well, exercise, and do those skin beauty treatments, you have a triple prong approach to getting rid of cellulite.

For your bingo wings, the triceps are three muscles; you need to make sure you work all three of those triceps muscles to reduce those flabby underarms. A lot of it is just excess body fat. So increasing your lean muscle mass will help reduce your bingo wings and doing triceps exercises, but all three parts of your triceps.


NY: What’s next for you? Will there be another book? 

DW: Well, I’m thinking about it. My ideas for the second book would be more tips for certain parts of the body. To have parts of the body on a map and have feel-good guides to the body. This book is really generalized but I would think a lot of women would like to know how to get an Oscar body in 4 weeks and how to get rid of cellulite in the bum, bingo wings, and double chin. I get these questions all the time in my gym and I think lots of women regardless of age, would want to know what I do for my clients. So I was thinking that sounds like a great book for me to write.


NY: What is your go-to green juice?

DW: Basically green juice is just a salad, but you aren’t eating it. I like to have mine with celery, cucumber, spinach, and mint. Mint is my favorite thing to add. I love mint. So I have the basis of my green drink and then I do my add-ons. If I’m feeling tired or a bit sick, I’ll add some ginger. If I need a bit of energy, I’ll add some fruit. If I need some more rehydration after a workout, I’d add some coconut water. Then, if I really wanted something more refreshing, I would add crushed ice cubes to it.


Connect with Dalton Wong:


Twitter: @dalton_wong

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dalton_wong22