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Hillary Credits Yoga During 11 Hour Benghazi Marathon

By Julie Fink
Posted On Oct 29, 2015
Hillary Credits Yoga During 11 Hour Benghazi Marathon

Recently, Hillary Clinton was asked how she managed to endure the 11 hours of questing at the Benghazi Committee Hearing. “Was it yoga?” the Yahoo reporter yelled out. She smiled, “Yoga always helps.”

No doubt, the presidential candidate knows best so we decided to dig deeper on how yoga can aid in effectively managing stress.

New You’s resident Yoga expert, Dashama from the Prana Shama Yoga Institute in Miami Beach tells us that stress puts your body into fight or flight mode almost like you are in danger. “Maybe in a past life we were all chased by tigers,” Dashama said laughing. But in reality, no one is laughing. Leading research shows 77% of Americans suffer from stress, depression or anxiety either physically or psychologically (73%).

“Overstimulation and time pressures of society are two of the major factors inducing a stress based lifestyle,” she added.

Here, Dashama provides us with three health benefits to yoga that specifically address stress.

1. Being Present: Yoga keeps you in the moment instead of being trapped in the future or the past. This helps with the element of fear that causes most stress.
2. Grounding: This helps you to connect to your physical body and to the earth. The cyclone of energy from stress is able to process easier.
3. Breathing: This creates an automatic response that is calming to the nervous system.

Just imagine if you were able to focus your attention on something other than fear and worry, process your over-stimulated energy and calm your nervous system just once a week. Then image doing it three or four times a week for three months! I bet your life would be very different.

As stated in People magazine, Clinton’s exercise of choice is yoga and water aerobics. I believe the reason why yoga is one of Hillary’s faves is that she most likely feels these benefits listed above. That stress – Benghazi, the emails, running for President! – on a physical level must be addressed multiple times through out her week.

Hillary isn’t exactly running from tigers, although, the Republicans might be a close second to it. More power yoga to ya!

Photo Credit: Getty Images