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Relieve Stress at Work

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 18, 2016
Relieve Stress at Work


Sitting at a desk for eight plus hours straight strains the neck, shoulders, and back muscles, which leads to stiffness and tension. De-stress yourself with office yoga!

Office yoga is comprised of simple body stretches you can perform at work at any time of day. Practicing poses in the office can wipe away body pain, exhaustion, and tension to increase overall muscle strength and flexibility. These exercises, which don’t demand much time, will keep you fresh and revitalized throughout the day.

  1. Neck Roll


While seated, take a minute and close your eyes.

Relax your neck and allow your chin to drop toward your chest.

Slowly begin to roll your neck in a circular motion by moving your right ear toward your right shoulder, taking your head backward and then bringing the left ear to the left shoulder.

Be sure to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed.

Rotate three to five times then switch directions.

  1. Seated stretch


Remain seated and extend your arms above your head, keeping your palms together.

With your arms above head, sit up straight by lifting your body weight off of your hips.

In this position, take five breaths in and out.

  1. Forward Fold

forward bend

This pose is similar to the downward dog as it works to drain the stress out of the top of your head.

Stand tall, with your knees slightly bent.

Frame your arms around your head, and fold your body forward towards your feet, keeping your knees bent.

In this position, breathe deeply three to five times before taking the upright stance.

  1. Cat Cow

cat cow

There are two ways to perform this pose, seated or on the floor.

While sitting in the office, relax your body and rest your hands on your lap.

Begin by moving into the cow pose. Inhale as you poke your belly outwards.

Lift your chin and chest towards the ceiling.

Next, move into the cat pose. Exhale and draw your belly towards your spine, rounding your back.

Release the crown of your head toward the floor being careful not to force your chin into your chest.

  1. Cross Legged Meditation

sit yoga

If you’re wearing a skirt or pants that may be too uncomfortable, it’s okay to skip this pose for the day.

Find a corner or sit on the floor right below your desk.

Sit straight up and cross your legs at the shin.

Place your hands on your shins, palms down.

Sit with your weight balanced and breathe in and out for one minute.