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The Winning Ways of DailyBurn 365

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Feb 22, 2016
The Winning Ways of DailyBurn 365

With the live workout program DailyBurn 365, interactive exercise is reaching big numbers and turning at-home health into a bankable community. Lisa Wheeler, DailyBurn’s VP of Fitness, tells us how.

For several years, America has stepped up its personal fitness goals with the help of the motivational, beginner-friendly interactive fitness phenomenon DailyBurn. Through its apps, streaming workouts, recipes, and expert counsel, DailyBurn has proven to be a powerful new take on at-home wellness. Now, it has become even more impactful with its live DailyBurn 365 program, with its talk show-style format and in-the-moment feedback from fitness pros. It’s a 30-minute, full-body workout, airing live at 9 a.m. EST, that remains available to stream for 24 hours (then is gone).

Here, we chat with Lisa Wheeler, vice president of Fitness at DailyBurn, to get a sense of how this multi-platform concept is shaping up the masses.


NEW YOU: Lisa, DailyBurn has really made a huge difference in the lives of people working out at home, providing engaging content at a time when they’re just getting comfortable with a streaming, interactive lifestyle. What’s the heart of its success?

LISA WHEELER: First and foremost, it’s always been key that it be beginner-friendly. DailyBurn started out five years ago as a simple tracker app that gained a reputation for making good quality, high-end, infomercial-quality videos… sort of the “anti-YouTube,” where there was a lot of content for a more advanced audience.

NY: And now, the formula has proven successful enough to actually launch a great-looking live morning workout show, DailyBurn365.

LW: The show is really comprehensive, with a host and a strong morning show format. There’s interactive chat, we Skype in visitors, trainers communicate with one another, viewers call each other out… It’s pretty amazing. I’ve been in the business for so long, and it’s satisfying to be able to really reach these people.

NY: Obviously the centerpiece of the show is the actual workout. What can viewers expect on DailyBurn 365?

LW: We decided from a programming standpoint to put together a show where every workout is full-body, thirty minutes and requires no equipment. The shows include cardio, strength, mobility, and stability, and there’s always someone in each class who is keeping the impact low. I’m always on board, looking at the whole week of programming to be sure that viewers are really getting a well-rounded experience. The trainers create the workouts, but I curate them.

NY: The full-body model… Why was that key for you?

LW: We really wanted to avoid the boot camp model of having an “ab day” or a “butt day.” In case, someone misses a day. The philosophy is: If you move your body for thirty minutes a day, you will get healthier. We didn’t want to say this is the end-all, be-all… but if viewers invest thirty minutes they will feel better. Maybe they will go on to do something else later in the day. But this alone will definitely make a big impact.

NY: What’s your personal take on working out at home?

LW: Think about it… If I were to leave here, it would likely take twenty minutes to walk to the gym, and then I’d have to change into my clothes. So a thirty minute routine is now an hour. With DailyBurn, thirty minutes really is thirty minutes. Plus, if you’re traveling, you can get a strong workout in.

NY: Will people who are more advanced get something from the show?

LW: While we’ll always focus on being available to the beginner, this is all about being engaging and addictive so that people of all levels will want to tune in. As the workouts take place, one person may have weights but they won’t ever be necessary. In our 365 classes, we have all sorts of people working out. Some may be overweight, some may be older.

NY: Tell us more about the talk show concept, and how that’s keeping people interested…

LW: We’re not really a talk show, since it truly is about the exercise, but we do have a host and guests. I’ve worked in the past at companies like Equinox and Crunch, and I’d always see people on the treadmill watching Ellen or Oprah. This is like working out with Ellen or Oprah.

NY: Tell us about your trainer selection…

LW: We launched in January and with our initial group of seven, it’s been about variety, meaning male and female in a variety of ages, body types, and styles. They’re all certified and have a passion for this audience. They’re not looking to be the next Jillian Michaels; they’re very passionate about the beginner. We currently have two women who are pregnant, and the viewers really seem to enjoy working out with them. Meanwhile, we have Gregg Cook who does a lot of very creative moves. The selection really keeps viewers engaged.

NY: And how does being interactive add an element to the show?

LW: Recently someone wrote in, “I want more core work.” And the next day I had the trainer bring more core work in. There are shout-outs going on… It’s a real community. At this point, we have hundreds of thousands tuning in and we want to reach millions. If we can get people tuned in one day, they’re hooked.

NY: What’s been the hardest part of getting people aware of DailyBurn?

LW: There’s a lot of fitness noise, including a lot of free content on Youtube and free services. We’ve worked hard to get above the noise. That has been challenging but it has only made us better.

NY: What are some no-no’s for DailyBurn?

LW: We don’t talk about “calorie burn.” Most people whose only goal is weight loss are not successful. It’s about how do they feel and move better. We celebrate the joy of movement and being healthier. That’s the lifestyle. I’ve worked for companies in the past whose main goal was to make money… This is about bringing a really positive message to the world. I find that we’re exciting.

NY: Why is this personally gratifying for you?

LW: Since 1988, when I began my career, I’ve loved everything about it. And now, being able to really help an audience that really needs our help means the world. The entire company’s mission is to help people who need it.