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Fizzy Drinks are the Next Cure for Cancer?

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Jun 09, 2016
Fizzy Drinks are the Next Cure for Cancer?

Fizzy drinks have always been known to do more harm than good, but now, scientists are creating fizzy oxygenated drinks that they ultimately hope will cure cancer.

University of Oxford researchers are currently in the process of figuring out a way to re-oxygenate tumors by using a drink that includes the additional oxygen.

Pancreatic cancer is being focused on the most because the tumors are in more need of oxygen than other types of cancer, which therefore limits the patient’s treatment options. According to Telegraph, pancreatic cancer is the fifth most common cause of death, and over 8,000 people die from it each year in the UK.

The goal of the scientists is to see how the oxygen bubbles move from the stomach to the tumors, and through testing it in the lab, they want to see if this would work for the same with a fizzy drink for patients.

As of today, other methods are being used to oxygenate tumors such as breathing pure oxygen, placing patients in oxygen chambers, and injecting oxygen liquid in the tumor site. While these have been working for a while, there are harmful effects that patients can experience including damage to the lungs and nervous system.

As a result, researchers wish to implement this new way using fizzy drinks which will not only be more cost effective but also much less risky.

Professor Stride, a UK scientist at the University of Oxford, stated:

“We’re especially excited about the potential this bubbly drink could have for hard to treat cancers like pancreatic cancer, where survival rates are low and better treatments are urgently needed. We’ve had success in the lab in mice, so we’re now looking at how to scale this up for patients.”

The study is still in the early stages, but let’s take a moment and raise our glasses of coke in the meantime.

Cover Photo Credit: Shutterstock