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Futuristic Fitness: Iobella

By Mayer Eisenstein
Posted On Jul 23, 2014

Drop the dumbbells and step off the stairmaster. Iobella, the newest wave of working out, has hit the states, straight from the best bods in the world.

BY Laurel House PHOTOGRAPH by Randi Berez; MAKEUP Angela Alessil; STYLING Stella Mccartney

While we spend hours spinning, treadmilling, and downdogging, doing our same-old same-old exercise routine, Argentineans are sweating and shrinking at high speeds with the latest futuristic fitness regime known as Iobella. Combining a heated pod, electric stimulation, and oxygen therapy, this new body-shaping method is designed to trim, lift, tone, and smooth almost instantly. . . and it’s finally hitting the states!

When it comes to fighting fat and slowing the proliferation of cellulite, there are a slew of workouts, diets, creams, and procedures that I’m willing to endure. I have sampled my share of the “latest and greatest,” “scientifically proven,” “celeb tested,” and “guru approved” promises to weigh less and look better. Hot yoga provides a heat-generated metabolism boost, toxin elimination, muscle toning, and the instant gratification of dropping a few pounds (of water weight) by the end of class. But the possibility of passing out in a puddle of my own sweat has never appealed to me. Cellulite reducing massages that finger-force those rogue fat cells away from the skin dimpling surface may work, but bruises dotting my thighs seem somehow worse. I have always liked the focused waist-whittling moves of Pilates and even get a kick out of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices that kick fat-burning into high gear.


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