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By Gisselle Gaitan
Posted On Feb 13, 2014

A common factor in obesity is the constant propulsion to snack on foods that contain empty calories and loads of sugar. To help quell this rampant issue, four registered dieticians developed an all-natural, appetite suppressant drink aid: HungerShield. Many other appetite suppressant products are full of artificial flavors and ingredients, but HungerShield is blended naturally with fiber protein and probiotics to help prevent unhealthy snacking and help control meal portions.

Simply mix a packet of HungerShield with water for a delicious and refreshing drink. They currently have two flavors available to you, lemon-lime and Decaffeinated Ice Tea, providing a unique drink that is perfect for any weight loss journey. A few of the many benefits of HungerShield are that it is portable, gluten-free, and contains very few calories. If snacking in between meals is an issue for you, then there is no reason for you not to try it.

You can visit www.HungerShield.com for delicious smoothie recipes to help incorporate HungerShield into your diet and you can purchase HungerShield (1 box, 28 packets) here for $34.99 as well as several other purchasing options available to you.

-Dianna Sanchez; product fanatic, learning to achieve glowing skin and frizz-less hair