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Juicing Forward

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Feb 12, 2014

BY: Elena Schmidt

I woke up determined. Not only was I starting my BEAMING “Not Just Juice,” cleanse, I was starting yoga as well: my renewed commitment to healthy eating and healthy living. My previous three-week vacation may not have ripped me off the wagon completely, but I definitely indulged in the pleasures that come with time off and no gym access.

This cleanse was a chance to nourish my body with immune boosting, anti-aging superfoods. It was Tuesday: a brand new day.


I started off with a soothing cup of hot water and lemon, as recommended, and drove to work anxiously awaiting my package from BEAMING (California based health food company). Inside this 25-pound surprise were three bags filled with juices, superfood elixirs, cold soups, salad toppings and a small snack.

Before diving in, I read through the email instructions and was pleased to learn that BEAMING allowed a welcomed level of juicer autonomy. It allowed me to consume when hungry, fill up on hearty soups, and chew solid foods (yes chew!).

I reached in for my first drink and carefully read the ingredients: “parsley, cucumber, celery, and spinach.” I hesitated before the first gulp, but swallowed it quickly. Though the instructions recommend a two-and-a-half hour period between the first and second drink, I found my stomach yearning for more after only an hour. I immediately caved.

The second drink was the “protein powerhouse” made of almond milk, protein powder, vanilla and Himalayan salt. On a positive note, it was tasty and filling. On an unexpected note, I found myself coughing every time I gulped the grainy powder. I generally avoid protein powder filled drinks and smoothies because of this problem. Most people do not mind the texture, but I tend to choke.

I finished off the long day with a delicious ginger and carrot-based soup, superfood elixir, and a protein ball snack. I broke the rules when I decided to skip the salad, but I was sleepy, full, and remembered that this cleanse allowed me to listen to stomach.


I woke up feeling groggy and guilty that I never ate the salad, but after reading the “Day 2” instructions I learned that my symptoms were normal. I had been so reliant on caffeine and sugar that my body experienced a crash while adjusting to real food again.

I dove into my first green drink and was pleasantly surprised that a “fuji apple” made it to the list of ingredients. My taste buds rose again. Lunch was equally as delightful as I gulped down a thick cauliflower soup packed with garlic, shallots, fennel, and spices. Before I got to the bottom, I felt full!

I went about my day when my head started pounding. I do not normally suffer from headaches so I immediately pinpointed the guilty party: caffeine and alcohol withdrawals.


On the last day, I woke up with that familiar pounding feeling. No one likes to be in pain, but I felt I almost deserved it for consuming food and drinks that are acidic, inflammatory, and physically addictive. The pain meant my body was readjusting to healthy nutritional intake.

I gobbled up my green juices, soup, elixir, and salad that day and felt amazing and energized. The protein ball snack was the perfect evening treat, full of nuts and honey, to nibble the late night cravings away.

By the end of the day, my headache subsided and I had just done the unthinkable. I completed three days of organic, gluten free, dairy free, preservative free and GMO-free eating, and I was ready to move forward with a clean slate. Whether I could see it or not, I knew the cleanse promoted cellular rejuvenation (important for staying young), recharged my mind, boosted my mental capabilities, improved my digestion and sleep, and reduced my body fat.

Clean eating is not simply a three-day affair. It is a lifelong commitment. But when you notice that you have slipped into a diet routine your not proud of, selecting a cleanse like BEAMING is a simple, effective approach to mitigate the situation. Not only does it take the need for thought out of the equation by crafting meals for you, it also provides a manual (literally) on how to maintain a youth-boosting diet even after you pick up the fork and knife again.