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Daily Tip: Honey Health Care Solutions

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 06, 2016
Daily Tip: Honey Health Care Solutions

New You Anti-Aging Tip: A spoonful of 100% raw honey a day makes the medicine go away!

Did you think eating raw veggies was the only way to improve your health and fight the signs of aging? One hundred percent raw and unprocessed honey is a sweet addition to your diet that, taken its pure form, can literally add years to your life. Raw honey is milky in color, solid in its natural form and sweet to taste! Research has shown that its anti-bacterial and antiviral agents soothes sore throats, fights allergies, and promotes both sleep and wound healing. When used as a substitute for processed sugar, raw honey will also contribute to lower cholesterol. But do not forget that if your honey is processed, you are not receiving the full health benefit. Make sure that your honey is unpasteurized, 100% raw and backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.