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Healthy Lunch Recipes For Work

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 26, 2016
Healthy Lunch Recipes For Work

Am I the only who misses those little perfectly packed lunch boxes your mom used to give you to take to school? Back in high school, most of my peers raced to the lunch line at noon to buy something for lunch. That something always mostly consisted of bad carbs and fatty foods. Meanwhile, I always took my time and strolled to the microwave to heat up the food that I brought with me.

I’ve always been a member of the pack-your-own-lunch club, so it’s no different now that I’ve graduated from college and moved into the working world. I mean, I find myself slacking sometimes when I’m craving a Chipotle bowl, or chicken tenders from McDonalds (if those are even considered chicken).

Ever since discovering the art of meal prepping, my life has been a whole lot easier, and healthier! It may not be glamorous to eat the same thing all the time, but it saves you tons of time and money. Plus you don’t have to be a top chef to achieve most of the recipes.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous this weekend, try meal prepping your lunch meals for the week with these easy recipes:

1) Grilled Chicken Avocado Wraps

shutterstock_407941285 (1)

2) Shrimp Salad

shutterstock_410164837 (1)

3) Roasted Salmon & Potatoes
shutterstock_405448024 (1)

Try some of these recipes and let us know how they came out!

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