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How Healthy is That Sushi Roll?

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Jan 13, 2016
How Healthy is That Sushi Roll?

It’s lunchtime, you forgot to pack your homemade healthy lunch and you’re now wondering what will quickly satisfy your hunger as you troll the local supermarket.  Sushi should be healthy, correct? If you are talking about your average sushi roll with white rice and loads of soy sauce, the answer can be surprisingly negative.  Consider the fact that you could be choosing the equivalent of two slices of white bread sandwiching a slice of processed meat. So before you make your lunch selection, here are a few options to consider.

  1. Sushi rice is made with sugar and rice vinegar which can spike the blood sugar leaving you hungry after your meal. If you want rice, choose brown rice for the added fiber and vitamins.
  2. Avoid unhealthy fats in the roll like fried tempura or any processed meats like crab sticks.
  3. Remember that Japanese mayo (used, for example, in spicy tuna rolls) and teriyaki sauce have added sugar so these should be avoided as well.
  4. Soy sauce contains wheat and lots of salt so best to invest in your own low salt, wheat free option that you keep handy at your desk whenever you crave a sushi roll or forget your lunch.
  5. Choose a roll with maximum protein – tuna or salmon to satisfy your hunger.
  6. If you could do without the rice the healthiest choice is sashimi.
  7. Make sure you select an establishment that has a high turnover and always the freshest ingredients.