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Slim Down Your BBQ Instantly

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 30, 2016
Slim Down Your BBQ Instantly

What we don’t suggest for this weekend is piling on more pounds than necessary. Whether you’re planning a get together with friends and family or you just want to whip up some home style ‘merican munchies for you and your significant other, we’ve listed some ways to add a healthy spin to your barbecue.

Grill Up Some Veggies

If this is not the simplest way to eat healthy, I don’t know what is. Use a grill basket, corn holders, or skewers to roast a variety of veggies or serve the greens as a side dish along with grilled lean meat. Load up your plate with the healthy veggies and fill yourself up to prevent you from over indulging in high-calorie dishes.

Don’t Always Choose Beef

Veggie burgers and hot dogs made with whole grains, legumes, and vegetables or tofu are appetizing low-calorie and low-cholesterol selections. However, if you do choose red meat, go with grass-fed beef. Here’s why.

Choose Your Buns Wisely

Find buns made with real whole-wheat flour.

DIY Your Dips

Avoid those creamy store bought dips, and DIY your own guacamole instead. Aside from healthy fats, avocados offer protein, fiber, and oleic acid. A few tips for slimming down the flavorful dip are: substituting one avocado for green peas or mixing in a scoop of low fat yogurt to add a nice tang to your dip.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

Limit yourself to one low-calorie beer, and sip on flavored iced water or unsweetened tea.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Dish

If your friends are not as health-conscious as you, bring your own healthy dish so you know you’ll have something hearty to munch on.