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SmartPlate: The World’s First Intelligent Plate

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 31, 2016
SmartPlate: The World’s First Intelligent Plate

Smartplate, Available Fall 2016, $199, Getsmartplate.com


Would you ever spend $199 on a food plate? Well, you might consider spending that amount of cash on this one because it’ll help you live longer. Forget about eyeballing the amount of food you place on your plate or manual calorie counting based off food labels. Fitly brings us the SmartPlate, the world’s first intelligent plate that does all the thinking for you.



It features 3 digital cameras with advanced image recognition that can track everything you eat by identifying everything sitting on the surface. Connect it to a wireless device and watch how the weight censors send image and weight info to the app without entering data. If you have MyFitnessPal or Fitbit, you’re in luck because they integrate seamlessly with Smartplate.



Whether you’re an athlete, losing weight, or looking to maintain weight, the Smartplate is customizable and gives you access to over 200 recipes. It’s such an innovative way to learn about how fast you’re eating and what nutrients you’re consuming with every meal. This device can help you develop healthy eating habits with its optimal design created to assist with portion control. I would be nervous using this plate on Thanksgiving.





But, wait! It’s microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe and you can choose to purchase one in your favorite color such as purple, pink, green, blue, or grey. Time to eat in style!