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This $65 Lemon-Water Better Work!

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 11, 2016
This $65 Lemon-Water Better Work!


We’ve all heard about the benefits of ingesting detox teas and waters on more than one occasion, whether it’s Fit Tea on our Instagram feeds or some girl showing us how she chops fruit and soaks them in a water bottle overnight.

“It’ll make you summer time fine,” they said.

And despite the developed theory that this hobby is for the rich and gullible, I’ve thought about trying it.

With a desire to lose my holiday pudge that has been lingering well past its lease, I’ve considered juice cleansing, but I could never get over the ‘missing meals’ part (and I still can’t). When I snooze my alarm one too many times and end up missing breakfast, I somehow get a headache that pesters me for the entire day, so there’s no way I could not eat for a week.

Photo Credit: Dirty Lemon
Photo Credit: Dirty Lemon

But, Dirty Lemon makes us forget everything we thought we knew about detox drinks. Most importantly, it definitely doesn’t taste like cucumber and kale (because those ingredients are not welcomed).

The drink, which consists of filtered water, cold-pressed raw lemon juice, dandelion root, ginger root, and activated charcoal, is more of a booster. Rather than serving as a meal supplement, the tart yet sweet juice is meant to be consumed when you’ve made one too many trips to the brunch buffet with a side of bottomless mimosas.

The alkalizing lemon juice stimulates the digestive tract and supports healthy weight loss, the activated charcoal helps get those indulgences out of your system a little faster, and the dandelion and ginger roots aid your body’s natural digestive and detox processes.


To sum that up: Dirty Lemon is for people like me – people who want to be skinny without sacrificing their favorite foods. Also, people who celebrate cheat day every day.


10 calories and a flat tummy are all you’ll get – no nasty additives or added sugar!

If you thought this info was cool, just wait – the only way you can order these drinks are via text message. So revolutionary, right?

Simply text the company’s line at 917-588-0640 and follow the prompts to purchase. But, like all good things, Dirty Lemon Detox comes with a pretty hefty price. $65 will provide you with 6 bottles, one per day including one rest day.


Cover/Feature Photo Credit: Shutterstock