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The Reality of Diet Soda

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 02, 2013

New You Health Tip: Don’t rely on diet soda as a health-conscious choice.

While much knowledge has come to light about the negative aspects of soda, many of us still like to satisfy the urge by drinking diet soda which would logically seem to be the health-conscious solution. Diet soda has a lot fewer calories than regular soda and still satisfies your sweet tooth, but there is more to this concoction then you think. To start, diet sodas provide your body with no nutritional value,  they are made of artificial sweeteners which overtime can dull your senses to naturally sweet foods. As a result, the zero calorie diet sodas can still results in weight gain by triggering insulin which sends fat into storage mode. Most importantly, similar to regular soda, diet soda is linked to an increased risk of type II diabetes. So don’t let diet soda give you the illusion of a healthy choice, stick to drinking water and natural teas and juices for the healthiest alternatives.