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Secrets on How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 30, 2014

Everyone eats throughout the day to satisfy their appetite and get their daily intake of nutrients. Besides eating certain foods in order to maintain a certain weight or to simply live a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to properly consume foods that do not slow down the metabolism. Since the holidays are officially over and the new year has begun, it’s a perfect time to kick your metabolism into high-gear. Here are a few foods and drinks that will give you that extra boost you need.

Speed up Your Metabolism

Caffeine: A cup of coffee with caffeine in it not only works wonders for your energy levels, but it can also increase your metabolism by 15%.

Cold Water: Besides increasing your water intake, try replacing room temperature water with ice cold water. Your body uses the energy needed to convert the water from ice cold to body temperature, boosting that metabolism.

Chili Peppers: These spicy foods contain a chemical called capsaicin that can help do the magic trick.

Green Tea: There is an antioxidant in these teas that also helps burn fat and more calories.

Whole Grains: Choosing things such as brown rice and quinoa over white rice can speed up that metabolism instead of slowing it down.

Be conscious and let the foods you consume, both satisfy and work to your benefit.