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Stop Your Period, For Good.

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On May 23, 2016
Stop Your Period, For Good.

Periods are an absolute pain. Period.

“It’s THAT time of the month.”

“IT’S here.”

“SHE came this morning.”

The truth is, we hate our periods so much that we can barely stand saying the term in a full sentence. Hence these other terms:

Shark week, code red, parting the red sea, leak week, and girl flu. These are all names we’ve come up with to describe the worst week of every month. But regardless of what you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a complete inconvenience that takes us through an unwanted series of emotional roller-coasters.

According to National Public Radio (NPR), “more women in their 20’s and 30’s are choosing contraception that may suppress their menstrual cycles” through the intake of hormone pills, and here’s why:

While a few lucky ladies are able to go about their usual routine when on their period due to a light flow and lack of cramps, many other women just aren’t that fortunate. In fact, over six million women in the U.S. suffer from endometriosis, which is a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing severe menstrual cramps.

It is because of conditions like this that a very commonly asked question has been raised.

Are you able to stop your period for good?

A few years ago, the answer would undoubtedly be no. However, with the advancement of technology and medical research, there may actually be a way to not only part the red sea but end it. But before you get too excited, we must stop and think about the message we could be sending to women and younger girls in particular.

Putting a period to your period may seem like the best solution, but what about the negative effects this can have on your body?

If agreed upon by your gynecologist based on your health conditions, women are able to take hormonal medicine to stop their period and pain. This treatment works by temporarily turning off your ovaries in order to stop the ovulation process, and when you don’t ovulate you don’t have regular periods. Therefore, if taken continuously, you will be able to have rare cycles or stop your period altogether.

Oral contraceptive pills (OCP’s) contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The negative effects associated with taking these treatments are nausea, headaches, breakthrough bleeding, strokes, blood clots, breast tenderness, and loss of bone density.

Rather than trying to fool Mother Nature, try using a few safe alternatives to ease the pain and discomfort of THAT time of the month other than popping far too many pills per day.

  • Heating Pads – Women who use heating pads experience a must faster improvement in pain than using the typical painkillers.

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  • Include Magnesium in your Diet – Research has shown that eating more food with magnesium will actually ease menstrual cramps by helping to regulate muscle and nerve functioning. Magnesium can be found in several foods such as dark leafy vegetables, avocado, fish, and dark chocolate.

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  • Tea Time – There is no denying the power of tea. In the same way we turn to tea for tummy aches and nausea, tea can also be a huge help when wanting to ease period cramps. Teas with peppermint and bark have been said to have the best results.

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  • Massage with Essential Oils – If you dilute oils such as lavender, clay serge, and marjoram with water, you can use them as a massage oil to give you pain relief.

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New You’s Suggestion: We encourage you to do as much research as possible before making the decision to take hormonal pills or not. Also, make sure to have a talk with your gynecologist to help guide you into making the best choice for your health.

What are your thoughts?

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