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By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 03, 2013

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Stay stress free by stimulating the senses.

Wish you could freeze time while stuck in traffic, overloaded at the office, studying for a final exam, or rocking a screaming baby? Studies show that mindful meditation and yoga are both vital stress-relieving strategies because they incite mental balance to create a calm, alert and focused state. But when time and circumstance do not allow it, activate one or more of your senses to bring your mind back to the present or temper back down to normal. Listen to a favorite song, or a soothing soundtrack. Surround yourself with a light scented candle, or sniff the great outdoors. Make yourself comfortable in warm blankets, or a bubble bath. Chew on a piece of gum or eat a healthy snack. Take a walk around the office, stretch or run. Make sure that you are in a place that is visually appealing. Take a walk in a garden, hang pictures of good memories and surround yourself with colors that excite you. It’s all about you.