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Super Bowl Workout Game

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 31, 2014

New You Health Tip: Add a fun twist to burn calories during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is all about football and food. The average American consumes 2,000 calories in just 3 hours during the game. Anytime Fitness Director of Fitness, Shannon Fable, has developed The Super Bowl Workout Game. Each time a play comes up; perform the exercise on the right.


Super Bowl

Super Set
Every time Peyton Manning yells “OMAHA”  Fast Feet – run in place until the play is complete
Mention of Richard Sherman’s post-game interview  20 Mountain Climbers
Close up of John Elway  10-Second Plank
Mention of Marshawn Lynch + Skittles (or a >5 yard run)  20-Second Icky Shuffle – 3 quick steps to the right and left
When Matt Prater is on the field  Lunge Front Kicks until he’s back on the sideline
Every time ‘another’ Manning is mentioned or shown  10 Burpees
Each turnover  10 Squats
Every first down  10 Triceps Dips
Every time a play is under review  25 Jumping Jacks
Every time someone scores  Push Ups – as many as points that team has