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Our Favorite Apps Right Now

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 11, 2016
Our Favorite Apps Right Now


It’s always interesting to peek over at someone else’s smartphone to see if they have any apps you may be able to apply to your lifestyle. Before they suspect you of being a nosey creep, we figured we’d help you out. Because we think it’s a good idea to refresh your devices every once in a while, we put together a list of our favorite apps of the moment.


With Poshmark, you may actually be able to get those Valentino shoes you’ve always wanted. Poshmark, a fashion reselling app, turns shopping into a social event. Poshers are selling unwanted fashion items from luxury brands to Etsy-style t-shirts. The app hosts Posh parties with themes like Classic Chic Party or by a specific designer like LuluLemon. Anytime a sale is made, Poshmark provides a pre-paid and pre-addressed shipping label for the seller to ship the purchased items. In the midst of spring cleaning, before you throw everything out give Poshmark a try.

Last Message

Batteries die all the time, but Last Message takes a bit of stress away by letting your VIPs know you’ll be out of contact during your mission to find some juice. Last Message texts your important contacts when your phone is about to die, so our mothers and significant others do not have to think we’ve fallen off the face of earth if we fail to respond within five minutes. Unfortunately, the simple app that texts, emails, Facebook messages, or even tweets the individuals you specify when your phone’s about to die is currently only available on Android devices.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an easy-to-navigate application with a built-in smart alarm. The alarm has an “intelligent” mode, which uses a 30 minute wake up phase to wake you by your desired time. Sleep Cycle monitors signals from your body to wake you up softly when you are in the lightest possible sleep state within the 30 minute wake up phase.

Square Cash

“I’ll Venmo you” has become a common phrase amongst friends. We’ve all used Venmo countless times to reimburse our friends for picking up the restaurant tab or buying the bottle of wine for girls night, but it’s now time to branch out to a new and improved version of the money transferring concept.

Square Cash is a much simpler alternative to Venmo, which acts as a middleman and holds onto your cash until you transfer them to your bank. With Square Cash, you can send money to anyone, whether they have the app or not using a debit or credit card, whereas Venmo requires users to set up an account. Funds are transferred directly unless you choose to hold them in the app Venmo-style.


Runkeeper is one of the most popular and efficient fitness apps on the market. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track your running, cycling, hiking, and other distance activities. Once your workout is complete, the data is synced to your account to keep track of your vital stats. Like your typical social network, Runkeeper allows users to add friends and share workout results on Twitter and Facebook. The sports app also hosts competitions and challenges to motivate users – it truly is a community helping users reach their fitness goals.

What’s an app you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out for our next feature!