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Tattoo Lovers Battle With Apple

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Mar 17, 2016
Tattoo Lovers Battle With Apple

Sleeve tattoos are cool and all, but what happens when your permanent wrist tattoos cause your Apple Watch to malfunction? The only option is laser tattoo removal because we are NOT giving up our Apple Watches.

Apple announced the heartbreaking news (for some) on their website, and it pains us to share it, but it’s our job!

(Sigh) Here we go: the watch, in fact, does malfunction on tattooed wrists. The problem stems from the ink’s opaque color which blocks the sensor on the back of the watch from penetrating the skin, ultimately impacting the heart rate sensor’s performance. The watch has to sense the user’s heartbeat to receive reliable readings.

As one of the most innovative companies in the world, it didn’t take long for Apple to find an answer to the glitch. Although the solution doesn’t fully fix the hindrance, the revolutionary company offered suggestions to Apple Watch owners recommending them to connect the watch to an external heart rate monitor via Bluetooth if their tattoos are causing complications.

If tattooed Apple Watch owners are not interested in using an alternate heart rate monitor, users can simply turn off the sensor detection feature. Turning this feature off, though, will disable the ability use Apple Pay on the watch.

Surprisingly, it seems to be one problem after another with Apple, whom we thought held the key to success, but this matter is not unique to Apple. Fitbit HR and Microsoft Band are other watch companies fighting the same battle.

Cover/Feature Image Credit: Adweek.com