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Live Longer Down Under

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 26, 2013

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Swim more to live longer – it’s that simple.
Hate to break it to all you long distance runners, but the best exercise when it comes to extending your lifespan is swimming. According to the University of South Carolina, men who swam regularly were 53% less likely to die of any cause than couch potatoes. But less obvious was the discovery that swimmers were also 50% less likely to die of any cause than walkers, and 49% less likely than runners. This is after they followed 40,547 men of all ages for 32 years to see how their physical activities compared to their longevity. Researchers are not sure why this is, but postulate that swimming strengthens the heart and lungs, leads to less sports injuries, and exposes swimmers to more Vitamin D-inducing sunshine.


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