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The Pursuit of Happiness in 5 Steps

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Mar 11, 2016
The Pursuit of Happiness in 5 Steps

A lot of us can get caught up in the day-to-day dramas of life, and sometimes we need to be reminded of what is most important. In order to do this, I wanted to share five simple tricks that will help you reshift your focus and center your heart so you can reach the happiness that you deserve.

Stop Negative Self-Talk

Mindset is everything. A self-defeating mindset is detrimental to a healthy and positive outlook. Friends, you don’t have to believe everything your mind tells you. When you find yourself thinking something negative, change it to something more positive. The more you ban self-defeating thoughts, the less they will appear.

Give Up the Need to Always Be Right

We are all beautifully flawed human beings. Contrary to popular belief, it is literally impossible to be right all the time. If you can’t stand the idea of being wrong even at the risk of causing others pain and stress, there is a problem. Before you feel the need to jump into a fight ask yourself, “Would I rather be right, or would I rather be kind? Let your ego sit this one out.

Give Up Your Need to Impress Others

Stop trying to be something that you’re not so that others will like you. In the social era that we live in this one is a toughie. The moment you take off your social masks and embrace the beauty of yourself, is the moment that people will be drawn to you, effortlessly.

Give Up Labels

In a world full of judgment, be the one to break through the barrier. Instead of labeling people that we don’t understand as weird or different, try having a more open mind. Minds work best when they are open.

Live in the Present

What happened yesterday is over and done with and doesn’t define you as a person. We need to learn to live 100% in the present moment. Life is a journey, not a destination. We should enjoy life in the present, instead of dwelling on what has yet to come.  If you are always looking for the next opportunity you might miss out on life’s beautiful gifts right in front of you.