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Myth: Weight Lifting For Women Creates Bulk

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 17, 2014

weight lifting for women

Health Tip: Lift weights two to three times per week for the best weight loss routine.

The misconception that women who lift weights look bulky is rampant, and New You is dedicated to setting the record straight. The truth is that strength training will result in weight loss, not gain. Many women believe, or fear, that lifting weights will create a non-feminine appearance. But in reality, the “body builder” physique does not occur by accident. It is a result of extreme determination and extremely heavy weights.

Fitness for women must be reconsidered to include strength training—not simply cardio—because strength training can speed up the metabolism, and subsequently lead to weight loss. Experts say that lifting weights two to three times a week carves out defined muscles that are sexy—not bulky.

Remember: Lift lightweights, and do more reps to ensure you are creating feminine, toned muscles.

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