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Yoga on the Go

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 23, 2014

New You Health Tip: Use these three yoga apps to practice, even when you can’t make it to the studio

Whether you struggle to hit the mat in down dog or float into crow pose with ease, going back to basics will enhance the practice of any yogi. Check out these yoga apps that will take your practice to the next level—even when you cant make it to the studio.

iYoga+: This app is fantastic for beginning yogis, thanks to its full length videos. An instructor takes you through yoga sequences in a step-by-step flow that’s easy to watch and learn.

App Info: Free. Available on iTunes

Yoga Pro for iPad: As far as asanas and exercises go, this app is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, as it gives you options for use. The advanced yogi can create their own sequences and specify poses they’d like to break down to gain deeper knowledge in their practice. The beginner yogi can utilize a customization tool by inputting personal information for the personal yoga teacher feature, which will create a sequence—specifically for you.

App Info: $0.99. Available on iTunes for iPad

Simply Yoga FREE: This app allows you to skip all of the nonsense and get a great work out on. Without needing to input information to sift through pages of content, this free app allows the yogi-about-town to access routines quickly and simply, by choosing from a menu based on duration. This app is ideal for all yogis beginner or advanced who just need help fitting yoga into his or her day.

App Info: Free. Available on iTunes

Office Yoga: This simple app is made up of a virtual deck of cards, each dawning a different yoga pose ideal for stretching on the job. Each card gives detailed instructions on how to execute the pose while remaining at your desk. This app is ideal for the yogi who wants to get a good stretch in, even when they can’t leave the office.

App Info: $0.99. Available on iTunes