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30 Anti-Aging Tips from the Pros

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 30, 2021
30 Anti-Aging Tips from the Pros

If it’s everlasting youth you seek, take action. Here’s 30 anti- aging tips from superstar wellness experts, so you can start rolling back the years.

By Dana Robinson


Veronica Barton-Schwartz Esthetician, Malibu, CA; Veronicaskincare.com

  1. Get Facials “A monthly professional facial is ideal.”
  2. Cut Out That White Food “Sugar, white flour, shortening, and so on all turn into [artery clogging] cholesterol. Anything that’s that bad for your diet is also bad for your skin and will speed up the aging process.”
  3. Weight Training “A regular weighttraining program can help strengthen diminishing muscle mass, which typically begins in your mid-20s, and will help you age gracefully.”
  4. step up the Oral Care “There’s nothing more youthful than a big, beautiful smile.” 5. Stay Hydrated with Lots of H2O “Water is key for antiaging. It protects cardiovascular health and keeps the brain in top working condition. Diet soda does not count.”


Dr. Sonita M. Sadio Plastic Surgeon, New York, NY; Smsmd.com

  1. Stay Consistent “Instead of seeking esthetic procedures in preparation for an event, keep up a consistent beauty routine. Try smaller doses of Botox at regular intervals to keep the lines at bay.”
  2. Filler Up “I recommend the collagen stimulator Sculptra to combat diminishing facial volume. The effects can last up to two years or more.”
  3. Apply That SPF Liberally “Every single day, it’s imperative that you wear a 30 SPF sunscreen.”
  4. Slather on Vitamin C Serum “It’s a triple threat— building collagen, offering sun protection, and clearing up any discoloration.”
  5. Remember Your Neck and Hands “Face-care products used on your neck and hands will create a harmonious look that is both natural and consistent.”


Katherine Tomasso National Director of Education, Yon-Ka Paris, New York, NY; Yonka.com

  1. Maintain Good Posture “It promotes a balanced energy flow and helps to keep every cell of the body properly oxygenated. It’s the key to the fountain of youth.”
  2. Apply a Warm, Natural Oil at Bedtime “Applying any warm, natural oil—including vitamin E—to the entire body every night is believed to nourish the vital organs. It’s especially beneficial during the dry months.”
  3. Dry Brushing “It eliminates dead cells, uncovering smooth, touchable skin. Do it daily before a shower using a loofah or a dry body brush made of natural materials.”


Dr. Fayne L. Frey Dermatologist, West Nyack, NY; Fryface.com

  1. Just Keep on Moisturizing “Using anti-aging creams to increase the water content of the skin temporarily improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” 15. Just Don’t smoke “If you smoke, quit!”

Dr. Jane Cases Endocrinologist, Marietta, OH; Wellness360center.com

  1. Think Positively “A positive attitude decreases stress hormones, which improves blood flow to the brain and enhances both mindfulness and focus.”
  2. Live Simply “Keeping your priorities in order will make you perform better, which leads to a more fulfilling life.”


Angela Irish Certified Esthetician, West Palm Beach, FL; Oznaturals.com

  1. Have some Sex “…as often as you can! The endorphins released can keep you happier and more youthful looking in the long run.”
  2. healthy Weight Maintenance “Gaining and losing weight on a regular basis causes skin to stretch and retract, making it less pliable and loose over time.”
  3. Meditation “It’s a great way to de-stress, and having less stress means fewer wrinkles and grays.”
  4. Under-Eye Care “Apply some cold, used tea bags to your eyes, two to three times a week, for at least 20 minutes. Caffeinated tea bags are preferred to help promote circulation and decrease puffiness.”

Angela Robles Paramedical Esthetician, Encino, CA; Butterflyloft.com

  1. Get Some Sleep “My clients who sleep well, at least eight hours a night, definitely look younger than those who suffer from insomnia.”
  2. Seek Some Joy “Clients glow when they’re happy. Angry clients look tired, with dull complexions.”
  3. Get Some Vitamin D “Vitamin D deficiencies can be remedied by getting ten minutes of sun a few times a week.”
  4. Add Vitamin A “Vitamin A is essential for skin anti-aging and encourages healthy cellular turnover.”


Dr. Debbie M. Palmer Dermatologist,Greenwich, CT; Replere.com

  1. Avoid the Use of Straws “Frequent pursing [from straw use] will contribute to upper lip lines.”
  2. Part With the Foundation “Foundation will settle into wrinkles, making them more noticeable. Instead, try a concealer and tinted moisturizer.”


Cecilia Wong Facialist, New York, NY; Ceciliawongskincare.com

  1. Daily Facial Massage “Using your regular daily facial serum, start on one side of your face in the chin area and gently press your fingertips up to your forehead. Continue with the other side. This will promote blood circulation and the stimulation of facial muscles.”
  2. Stock Up on Hyaluronic Acid “It will keep your skin plump and hydrated.”
  3. Make sure that you Sleep on Your Back “Eliminating contact between your skin and pillow will prevent any creasing of the skin.”