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Age Proof Your Lips

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Apr 25, 2012

Lips are a dead giveaway of your age, one of the signs of youth. Here are a few tips on keeping them looking their youngest.

By: Zoe Shaeffer

Elegant, full, healthy looking lips are a sign of youth and beauty. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first features to reveal age. Celebrity makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, who works with Michelle Pfeiffer and Carrie Underwood, offers tips on how to keep your pucker looking plump.

“To minimize fine lines, first use a primer around your mouth,” she says. Then be sure to choose the right shade of lip color that can create an illusion of fullness. “Sorbet colors such as melon, strawberry and tangerine will add a needed pop of color to the face,” says Reiss-Anderson. “Stay away from dark colors which will only make lips look thinner.”

Finally, she suggests choosing a long-lasting pencil that perfectly matches the shade of your lip color. “By exaggerating the contour slightly, you can make lips look a bit more robust. Just be sure to use the liner after your lipstick so that you don’t go too far!”

Here are some suggested products to help your lips look their best—and youngest!
Full, pouty lips are a sign of
youth and this unique gloss,
infused with spicy cinnamon,
wintergreen and ginger, sends
a blood rush to your lips for
a bee-sting effect. DuWop
Shimmer Lip Venom
; $17,
available at duwop.com.

This smoothing duo delivers a
must-have priming treatment
that locks in color and
prevents bleeding in two easy
steps: The primer locks in lip
color while the translucent
formula creates a barrier so
lipstick and gloss stays put.
Pixi Lip Liner Primer; $18,
available at pixibeauty.com.
Sea fennel extract is the star
anti-aging ingredient in this
lip treatment, while hyaluronic
filling spheres help to fill in
fine lines for a smooth, plump
pout. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
Advanced Therapy
; $25, available at Barneys.
Not only is this dual-ended
product anti-wrinkle care for
your lips, it adds immediate
whiteness to teeth with
hydrogen peroxide and
sorbitol a quick way to shed
some years. Talika Smile
and Kiss Booster
; $35,
available at dermstore.com.
This lush lipstick is the first lip
product to contain vitamin A
acetate, which transforms into
the retinol once it’s absorbed
into skin, creating a full and
youthful appearance. Cle De
Peau Beaute Extra Rich Lipstick
$60, available at
Neiman Marcus.