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Dermaplaning 101: Is it worth the hype?

By Amanda Harrington
Posted On Mar 18, 2020
Dermaplaning 101: Is it worth the hype?

Professional dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that involves a doctor or licensed medical aesthetician gently scraping away dead skin cells and vellus hair, or commonly known as “peach fuzz” on the surface of your skin using a surgical scalpel.

It is a chemical-free exfoliation leaving the skin younger, fresher, and brighter. This makes a great choice for those with sensitive skin and chronic dryness who want to get rid of dead skin cells without irritating their skin in the process. And as you apply your skincare products, they will better penetrate your skin making them all the more effective.

How much does it cost?

Dermaplaning prices range from $75 to $150 and up. Most dermatologists’ clinics, salons or medispas that offer it on the menu come with a chemical peel or facial cleaning because it allows products to sink deeper into the skin for a better outcome. Getting this treatment done by a professional or an aesthetician will be slightly different because aside from being a little expensive, they also use professional tools and products.

How do they do dermaplaning at a salon? 

  • The aesthetician ensures that all tools are perfectly sterilized – especially the blade.
  • In a salon, dermaplaning is commonly done with a sterile 10-gauge surgical scalpel, which is sharper and requires more careful handling than an average razor blade.
  • Before doing the treatment, the client’s skin is thoroughly cleansed and dried.
  • The aesthetician will begin scraping from the lower part of the face and work their way up.
  • They will hold a small section of skin taut between their fingers, and then pass the razor blade over it in upwards motions, going against the direction of hair growth.
  • Once they have passed all over the skin, removing all hair and dead cells, they will either continue the treatment with further exfoliation, or finish off with a soothing mask or serums and creams.

But wait! Do you know what’s great about this treatment?

This can actually be done in the comfort at your own home using different at-home dermaplaning devices available online. Check out some of these products to discover the dermaplaning tool that you can use at home! 

  1. You can buy an at-home kit like the Michael Todd Sonicsmooth At-Home Dermaplaning Kit which uses the complexion-enhancing properties of sonic technology in removing unwanted facial hair while making your skin smooth, minimizing the pores, even out skin tone, fine lines, and dullness. This kit also includes an after-treatment gel to protect your skin and bring out the radiant glow!
  2. Try a hair-remover tool like the Flawless Dermaplane GLO from Finishing Touch. It is made with Japanese steel wrapped with an ultra-fine safety guard to provide a gentle exfoliation process. It also features a unique LED light for clear viewing.
  3. Many at-home dermaplaners on a budget have been using Tinkle razors. This tiny safety razor safely shaves the top layer of your skin and peach fuzz. This also makes a perfect option if you need to reshape your eyebrows or remove any stray upper-lip hairs.

This exfoliating technique will definitely do more for your skin than your basic monthly facial. Aside from removing those unwanted facial hairs, it smoothens the surface of your skin, making it easier for you to apply makeup flawlessly. It even helps to brighten your complexion as you say goodbye to those fine, dark hairs on your face!

After all these details about dermaplaning, are you now giving it a try? Do you want to try this at home or do you prefer a professional to do this for you? Have you tried it before? Let us know!