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Gianni Bulgari Shares His Story with New You Magazine

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 15, 2014

Gianni Bulgari has now reentered the world of exquisite stones, precise bezels, and luxury metals. Why would he ever step down from his family’s iconic Italian jewelry and watch brand? Gianni shares his story and inspiration of his new brand, GB_Enigma, with NEW YOU, the premiere beauty and anti-aging quarterly magazine.

After serving as chairman of Fila, investing in different businesses, becoming part-owner in a company building planes, and designing cars, Bulgari decided to return to his jewelry roots about a decade later, but now with a new perspective. He wanted to make the jewelry a person wears “a statement of their capacity of choosing, not their wealth.” He places an emphasis on glamorous jewelry that is accessible, and now makes jewelry that is “rare by design, rather than rare due to its price.”

What fueled Gianni’s newfound desire to create his own luxury brand of jewels? Perhaps it has to do with his wild, wonderful journey of life, which he has “lived every moment with open eyes.” From getting abducted by armed men at a stoplight, to flying planes and designing cars, NEW YOU has the scoop.

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