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Hair Extensions What to Know

By Contributor
Posted On Jun 24, 2021
Hair Extensions What to Know

by Jeannette Maya

Our friend, Jeannette Maya at @cutting2thechase on Instagram brings us the latest in hair trends that are already making waves in the streets and on the runway.

Are you a Hair Extension virgin thinking of taking your hair relationship to the next step? Don’t even think about it until you get all the details on what to expect. All those gorgeous celebrities with their flowing locks of voluminous lengths weren’t born with it. They pay and we mean PAY for it! Cost is the first consideration when entering the world of false volume and hair trickery.

Human hair is expensive and that isn’t where it ends, you have the cost of hair extension install.  If you use human hair you are able to sometimes color it if it hasn’t been chemically treated, you can curl or flatiron and live in them like you were BORN THIS WAY. Depending on your stylist you can expect this service to start at $1,000.00 with the cost of one bundle of hair. It doesn’t end there. You have monthly maintenance which costs you as well. There are many different techniques for installing the hair.

Be prepared for damage if you don’t maintain as recommended by your stylist.  Most of the damage from hair extensions comes from the traction or pulling on the hair follicles. After a while this damage to the follicle can cause hair loss, temporary and PERMANENT called traction alopecia. For a first timer this is a lot to think about.

Beauty secret is that most celebrities actually have custom clip in extensions colored and designed for them for the width of the weft and how many rows needed. This should be the first go to, no not the custom weft for celebrities but try a packaged clip in Remy hair extension pack. Normally there are 9-12 pieces in a standard package. Save the expense of purchasing through your salon and check out online options or even your local beauty supply store.

Definitely match your color or you will be outed for your HAIR FRAUD. If you have two hair tones or more then pick up both shades meaning two packages. Once you’ve done the search and purchase schedule an appointment with your stylist to show you how to put them in and if needed to cut them to the style you want. Do Not use scissors, a razor needs to be used when cutting the extensions. Remove before bed to relieve tension. 

If all this hoopla has you nervous and second guessing that leap into trying extensions, opt for just a clip in bang extension and change your look immediately without commitment of a year growing out your bangs.