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By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Oct 03, 2013

I do not consider myself a stark follower of any one body wash. I rather enjoy my wishy-washy attitude towards these products because frankly, trying new brands and body wash scents can be so much fun! If I have to choose, cucumber melon is always a go-to, but I’ve been known to dabble in lemon grass, ocean breeze, and tropical fruit fragrances as well.

I have to admit: I do not always pay attention to the ingredients, nor I do not always select the most sensitive washes for my skin. But Herbacin—the most recent addition to my body wash resume—is a welcome change to the harsher products I normally use.

I selected Herbacin’s Camomile + Green Tea gel out of pure intrigue with this new scent. Camomile and green tea are also known for their healing properties (bonus!). Not only am I obsessed with the fragrance and find myself taking deep breaths just to bask in it, but I also love the way it feels on my skin.

More Bonus Properties: Herbacin’s body wash can be used for the hair and the body; it is paraben-free, pH balanced, and mineral oil free; it is also produced without any animal-based ingredients.

How to Buy: Drugstore.com, $7.50


-Elena Schmidt; Naturally light, sunkissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade