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Reasons You Wake Up Looking Tired After A Good Night’s Rest

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 09, 2021
Reasons You Wake Up Looking Tired After A Good Night’s Rest

Have you ever had one of those mornings when your alarm went off but you couldn’t move? Even after your morning caffeine fix and a walk around the block, you still find yourself yawning profusely before lunch, taking a 15-minute nap during your break, and practically half asleep at your desk by the end of the day.

Insomnia is one thing, but when you actually have no problem falling asleep, why should you still wake up feeling dead tied? What gives?

It’s actually pretty common for you to look and feel drained even after you’ve had the recommended eight hours of sleep and few workouts per week.

There are actually numerous reasons that could be contributing to your daytime drowsiness ranging from bad sleeping patterns to poor food choices.


If you’re in a state of constant worry about a particular situation in your life, you’ll always feel exhausted in the morning. The truth of the matter is, the burdens you go to sleep with are the same burdens you’ll wake up with. Try releasing your burdens by meditating or writing down your thoughts before going to bed.

Your phone isn’t on silent

There’s nothing worse than having your sleep interrupted due to a 3 am email or midnight call from that one friend who never sleeps. Any kind of noise that could potentially ruin your sleep should be muted. Placing your phone on silent is the best way to go. I know you’re thinking you have to keep it on in case of an emergency, but let’s be honest, how many times have you had a serious emergency in the middle of the night?

Too much exercise

Yep, that wasn’t a typo. While ripping it up in the gym burns tons of calories, it will also burn you out. Stick to a regular workout schedule that consists of about 3 to 4 days per week and remain faithful to it. Too much of anything can never be good for you.

Late night Internet surfing

It can be extremely challenging to disconnect from the world even after a long day at work. Don’t find yourself trapped in the “just checking my Instagram really quick” trap because before you know it, 2 hours have passed you by. Then, all you’ve accomplished is knowing one more thing about the Kardashians and deleting a few junk emails. Rather than being glued to your television or laptop screen, take the last hour before bed to shut off all technology.

Poor sleep quality

You can sleep for as long as your body allows you but still wake up tired because of bad sleeping habits. This includes drinking too much caffeine, sleeping with a pet or baby, or a noisy background. Additionally, it’s best to stick to the same bedtime daily to avoid confusing your body and waking up at odd intervals or not being able to fall asleep on time.

Bad food choices

If you’re the type of person who loves munching on something before the lights are out, you may want to trade in your chips for a fruit bowl. Eating foods with too much salt or fat will stimulate brain waves causing nightmares as opposed to sweet dreams. Some better bedtime snacks include bananas, turkey sandwiches, almonds, or a cup of milk.

Congratulations, you’ve just become a morning person!

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