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The FDA says ‘Yes’ to Temporary Lip Fillers

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 08, 2011

Your temporary lip augmentation now has official approval! While many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have for years been using hyaluronic acid gels as off-label fillers for women’s lips, the procedure now has the blessing of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Following a clinical study of 135 women by manufacturer Medicis, the FDA panel voted 6-0 to approve the use of the filler Restylane for lip augmentation. (Restylane was first approved in 2005 as a wrinkle filler). The panel did say they were concerned with using the filler on young people, whose lips may still be growing. The only other glitch is that it’s temporary, typically lasting about six months. If you want permanent, you’ll need an implant or fat transfer. On the other hand, temporary means that if you don’t like the change, it will go away!


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